Patriarchy World News

Patriarch World News is a Companion to the Tales of the Patriarchy series.
Containing a BDSM parody of news items in the alternative universe, it is a continuing series inspired by the news that should shock us all that now we are numb to.
The idea of social conditional and acquiescence is presented here in a sexualized BDSM fashion.
The contrast of obscenity with community values creates the stark contrast that defines the series.
The series is fantasy and should not be confused with reality or any ideology.

2 thoughts on “Patriarchy World News”

  1. Thank you for such wonderful artwork! What AI tool do you use? I’ve tried a few but run into issues with the restrictions placed on the prompts. Keep up the good work!

    1. Thank you! Pretty much everything is created using stable diffusion on a home PC. I am still trying to get the site design worked out and fix the mobile menu and after that I’m hoping to get galleries from other ai artists as it seems there are very few places that the images can be displayed that don’t censor to an extreme.

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